About Us

If modern rock is your thing and you want to discover what just a couple of musicians can do then you need to check this CD out!” – Raul Amador, Bass Musician Magazine

Coincidence Machine started out as the duo of Jimi Durso (who attempts to split his time between singing, guitar, bass, harmonica, and creating and triggering loops) and Matt Baranello (who besides drumming and singing also does the recording engineering, mixing and mastering). Though the two have played together in many other groups (such as the pantheistic jazz group Piltdown Man) for this effort it was decided (by lack of response to a CraigsList ad) that for Coincidence Machine they would press on as a duo in the vein of the White Stripes, the Black Keys, Om, and El Ten Eleven, using instrumental technique, technology, and imagination to create the greatest music they could. It has now become a loose aggregate of musicians also including but not limited to Matt Klein (guitar and mandolin), Matt Cochran (saxophones), Eli Maniscalso (drums and percussion), Steve DeBellis (drums), Daniel Jones (keys), and Phil Acinapuro (bass). You never know who or what you might hear at a Coincidence Machine performance.
Their first CD, “Upside Out” , was released in August 2012 (click on the title to be routed to¬†a streaming¬†site).


We’re big fans on the following groups. When you have a chance, check them out.
John Wilkes Booth
M Shanghai String Band
Buddy Merriam