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Our music is now on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music, and can be streamed or purchased at our BandCamp page, as well as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. For physical CDs go to: Kunaki. You can also access many videos from us at our YouTube channel. Here’s some:

Here’s the playlist of our most recent recording, showcasing our stylistic pantheism. Done live in front of some camera people (so you can observe us playing the tunes, and it proves that we actually did it).

a funky one, w/ a William Burroughs cut-up middle section.

Our 5/4 reggae number, w/ Robyn Bellospirito creating art to the music.

This one was made to be silly, both musically and visually.

a Son House blooze, w/ aggressive instruments.

Our logo was created by the artist Peipei. You can discover more art from Peipei at

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